3 Mother care tips for Healthy Hair(Unisex)

Spending too much on expensive shampoos,serums and still not getting desired results? It is very common because products available in market contains chemicals which do more harm than any good. 

We all have forgotten the importance of Home made remedies used in our childhood. Those are chemical free, cost-effective & avoids allergies. Home remedies are a gift from traditional science to the modern generation and has cure for all kinds of ailments. Infact some commercial hair care brands using traditional remedies are cashing out the ignorance of people & earning lakhs of money.

Exposure to dirt, pollution, sun is inevitable in reality. Instead of spending on branded shampoos and conditioners, you can see some natural ways to combat all these problems & get a strong hair.

Follow these 3 easy Home made tips for hair to give that luster and shine, and flaunt your hair like the models do…

1) Amazing Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera do wonders for Skin,Hair. Just plant a Aloe Vera plant at Home & it’s equivalent to a bundle of beauty products that you buy with all your hard-earned bucks. 

Aleovera is a perfect for healing the scalp and bringing the pH balance to normal. It also has cleansing properties that cleans the pores out.


Usage :

  • Blend aloevera gel with 1/2 tsp. lemon juice
  • Add 2tbsp. coconut oil. 
  • Mix it and apply on your scalp and hair.
  • Wash your hair as usual after 20 min.

Note: 1 tablespoon = 3 teaspoons

2) Healthy Hibiscus

Hibiscus is one of the most renowned herbs used for hair growth. It has gained popularity because of its ability to stimulate hair growth even from dormant hair follicles in bald patches.

The flower is an efficient remedy to put a stop to hair fall, encourage regrowth, and prevent premature graying.



  • Grind the hibiscus flower along with the leaves into a fine paste.
  • Mix it with the yogurt until you get a smooth consistency.
  • Apply this hair mask to your scalp and hair and leave it on for about an hour.
  • Wash the mask out of your hair with lukewarm water and shampoo.

This hair mask is known to make the hair roots strong and promote hair growth. It makes your hair manageable and nourishes it as well.

3) Fabulous Fenugreek Hair Mask

From hair loss to dandruff to baldness, those methi seeds you must have hated in Childhood (Like I used to run away ,when my mom comes up with this paste :p ) can open up a world of goodness for your hair and scalp.

Our hair is nothing, but our body’s waste! ‘Body waste’ means something that we don’t need. Hair is actually made of both living and non-living cells.

Due to dead cells, you don’t feel any pain when your hair gets cut. And hence the whole responsibility of keeping hair strong comes onto the shoulders of living cells.

These living cells need lots of energy to work and grow. For this your hair roots and hair follicles, need carbohydrates. And you can rely on Methi as 60% of its chemical composition is made up of carbohydrates only.

is-fenugreek-good-for-hair (1)


  • Take 25 grams of soaked methi seeds, 25 grams of curd, lemon juice, honey and water
  • Blend all the ingredients together in to fine paste (You can add the Aloevera gel too for best results)
  • Apply this hair pack all over your hair
  • Wash this hair pack with a mild shampoo after 45 minutes
  • This hair gives shine, prevents dandruff and hair fall as well

A kind of nostalgia might had hit you by this time, as you would have remembered all your childhood memories at home when mom is after us to apply these home masks 😉

Better than any modern Salon/ Parlours , right !! However, we are all back in their track again.

Try these tips because… Life is too short to have Boring Hair 🙂

Hope this blog helps you.  Like,Comment,Share for more updates.



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