Sirimanu utsavam: Great festival of Andhra Pradesh

We are going to know about a popular festival of Goddess Pydimaamba (Pydithalli),who is worshipped as Aardhya Devatha, Kalpavalli by people.

Marked as a celebration of Culture & Heritage, it is a stupendous event attended by two to three lakhs of people from the neighboring towns,villages of Andhra Pradesh,Odissa  and has a long history of over 260 years.

Read it to know some interesting rituals performed in this festival 🙂


Siri means lean and small , manu means stump or stick.


Sri Pydithalli Ammavari Temple in Vizianagaram is a 18th century temple,puranas says,the goddess pydimamba belonged to Gajapati Dynasty of Vizianagaram ,was a sister of king Vijaya Rama Raju. During the (Battle between Bobbili Rajas & Vijiayanagara Rajas) Battle of Bobbili, January 23, 1757,entire Bobbili fort got destroyed and many Bobbili soldiers died in the battle with the help of De Bussy, the then French army general.The wife of Vijaya Rama Raju and Sister Sri Pydimamba tried to stop the battle on hearing this news but were not successful.

By that time, Sri Pydimamba, sister of Vijayaramaraju was suffering from Masuchi disease. When she is conducting a pooja,she came to know that his brother is in trouble.she starts with Patiwada Appala Naidu(Soldier) in horse cart and on the way receives news that Tandra Papa Rayudu killed her brother in battle.

By knowing the news, she faints & falls ill,tells that she will not live anymore & her soul joins Mata Durga Devi after she dies. She says goddess idol will be found near pedda cheruvu in Vizianagaram & dies.

The fishermen found the idol of Pydimamba and constructed a temple called Vanam Gudi for goddess, at Vizianagaram Railway Station which was the first temple for Pydimamba, the second temple is located at three lanterns junction.

Her statue can be found at the west bank of Pedda Cheruvu (A pond located at the heart of Vizianagaram lies on the west side of Vizianagaram Fort).



Pydithallamma Sirimanotsavam ,a grand festival of North Andhra Pradesh people is celebrated annually on the first tuesday after Dussehra. Exactly before sunset, Sirimanu Utsav closes.

Not only from nortern parts of Andhra Pradesh, many people from Orissa, Madhya pradesh will come to see this Utsav. After completion of Utsav near 3 lanters junction at Vizianagaram, thousands of people will make darshan of sirimanu. Farmers will take a small part of branch and keep it near plough at their house to have a good crop in the coming year.


Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, India

This event is organized by the Rajas of Vizianagaram.




It is believed that approximately 15 days before Sirimanu Utsav, goddess Pydimamba would come in the dream of temple Priest and tell him where the Sirimanu for this year is located. He tells the temple management the location of the tree.The district administration assigns the forest department to take care of the process of procuring the tree from that place. That sirimanu can be located anywhere. The owner must agree to cut his tree for Utsav.

That tree will be shaped neatly into Sirimanu and will be placed over the chariot. This sirimanu will be brought to Three Lanters junction around 2:00 pm in afternoon. Then temple Priest will make darshan of Goddess, wears new clothes given by Rajas and will sit on the Sirimanu chariot. This sirimanu will move 3 times to Vizianagaram fort and temple between 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The Vizianagaram rajahs will sit on the top of the fort and watch the Utsav.

The priest of the temple, while taking procession between the fort and temple three times in the evening, hangs from the tip of the long, lean wooden stick (measuring 60 feet), raised high into the sky. 

“Hanging from the upper end of the 60-ft tall Sirimanu is a risky affair, but the grace of the goddess saves priest from falling,”locals explained.



In front of Srimanu, there will be 3 chariots,each having its own significance.Read below to find out.

Importance of White Elephant:

Many people does not know about the white elephant moving in front of Sirimanu chariot. But in the olden days Maharajas used to sit on this white elephant and participate in Sirimanu Utsav. Now as per the present situation white elephant statue is being moved in front of Sirimanu as a part of tradition.


Importance of Anjali Chariot:

Sri Pydimamba died before getting married. So 5 Married women were made sit on the Anjali chariot which is on the front of Sirimanu as a part of tradition. As 5 married women are sitting on this chariot, this is called Anjali chariot. 


Importance of Paala Dhara:

As per history when Goddess statue will be found in west side of pedda cheruvu , Patiwada Appalanaidu has tried to bring the statue out by calling professional swimmers of Yata Veedhi. They agreed to bring the statue out without taking money on putting a condition that their people will participate with srimanu utsav anually with umbrella made of fishing nets & decorated with fruits ,flowers. Patiwada Appalanaidu agreed to their condition and made the rajas convinced for allowing them to participate in Sirimanu Utsav.


Thank you for your interest in knowing about the festival.Pray in your heart ,if you aren’t able to visit & attend this Utsav sometime in your life.

May you get the blessings of Pydithalli goddess & get happiness in life 🙂 

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