Looking for Peace..?Read this to calm yourself!!

For better or worse, our habits shape us.

Once upon a time there is a wise and successful man who bought a beautiful house with a huge orchard. But, not all were happy for him. An envious man lived in an old house next to him. He constantly tried to make his fellow neighbor’s stay in the beautiful house as miserable as possible. He threw garbage under his gate and made other nasty things.

One fine day the wise man woke up in a good mood and went into the porch to notice buckets of garbage thrown there. The man took a bucket , cleaned his porch. He carried a bucket and went to knock his envious neighbour‘s door. 

The envious neighbour heard a knock at his door and gleefully thought, “ I finally got him!”. He answered his door ready to quarrel with his successful neighbour. However the wise man gave him a bucket of freshly picked apples saying, “The one who is rich in something, shares the same thing with others.”

Moral : Jealousy,Vengeance make people blind. It becomes burden and If we carry our burdens all the time sooner or later, it becomes increasingly heavy, we won’t be able to carry on & have to pay the price in the form of stress, anxiety issues. ”

“So, before you start a new day tomorrow, whatever burdens of envy,greed you’re carrying now, let them down for a moment if you can and feel the difference”

Don’t let bad habits hold you back in life.

Having ‘Peace of Mind’ is not a strenuous job, it is an effortless process if you keep your mind cool and anxious free.

Here are 5 simple ways to increase your peace of mind:

1. Do your high-value,difficult task first in the morning

Spending on the most daunting task first in the morning is quite motivating in the long run. It’s tempting to start your day with easy tasks. But Don’t. Pushing a difficult task back is like holding a glass of water in an outstretched arm.


At first nothing happens, but if you do it for hours or even days, you will soon feel stress free. Do the most annoying task first thing in the morning, and enjoy increased productivity and peace of mind for the rest of the day.

Low value activities, including responding to notifications, or reacting to emails keep you busy and stop you from getting real work done. Make time for work that matters.

2. Expose yourself to different world views

Be genuinely curious about other cultures, languages or how things are done differently by others.Different cultures could have a big positive effect on your own ideas. Get out of your own perception for once.


Be open to discussions that does not share same world view.Read books on topics you usually ignore.Don’t judge others views as this may affect your peace.Just embrace the differences.

The only way to get out of your own world view is to step outside your perception and embrace new knowledge.

Get fascinated by a lot of things.Allow yourself to wander.

3. Let go of things you can’t control

You make plans to go outside with friends. But at the last minute, it starts raining. What’s your reaction?Some people upset and angry, and find the nearest person and start complaining to them. “It’s not FAIR that it’s raining. This _always_ happens to me!…”

That’s not going to accomplish anything – the rain won’t stop just because you throw a tantrum. *The rain doesn’t care.* So make the best of the situation. What you can do in such situation is go for doing a chitchat with family enjoying cool climate with a snack, or just lie in bed reading a good book, listening to the rain beating on the window.


Giving yourself time to play and unwind can make an immense difference in bringing new energy into your life.

Make the most of what you do control, and don’t worry about what you don’t.

4. List 3 things you love about your situation right now

Just list or say to yourself 3 simple things about any part of your life that you love. Like “3 simple things I love about the room I’m in right now”, or “3 simple things I love about this week”, or anything else. It can also be about a silly thing that you love.

This is a form of gratitude you are showing to life & training your mind to think towards positive aspects.



This is a great technique if you’re ever bored while stuck in traffic, or waiting in the grocery store checkout lane.You can immediately transform boredom into happiness and peace of mind!

5. Selfless Service

It does little good to be at peace passively in isolation. Today, allow someone else to feel the peace you have found by being of service.

Let yourself experience the kindness, good will, and compassion you can bring to a troubled situation.Your service can be as modest as visiting the elderly or as active as joining a community outreach project.

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Your aim is to give and receive the level of peace that benefits both people at the same time.


And because this is the last tip, you can try starting atleast one today when you finish reading this blog post. Hope you shine above and beyond all the distress in your life.

All the Best !! 

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With all Love ❤



29 thoughts on “Looking for Peace..?Read this to calm yourself!!

  1. Hi

    Thank you. I am happy to see your  writing. It gives me a thoughtful thinking and am  happy for that. That is always my intention to see a post that gives me happiness.

    Am happy  to share at least a part of that happiness and love here as am  writing now.

    What you said in your post  is true, sometimes just a drop of that magical post in your blog  is enough to get a person to be happy.

    Good one

    Well, If I wish to be happy is inevitable to keep the vibes flowing.



    Peace ✌and Love ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi

      Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts .

      I agree with your words on happiness. Spreading Love to others is the most inexpensive task in world but becoming Quite difficult these days. I am pleased to find that this post made you happy and thoughtful.

      As you mentioned, if we are at peace and happy with ourselves, we can share to the world 🙂

      Wish you a happy day !!


      1. Hi

        Thank you. I am happy to see your response to the comment on your post.. It gives me a thoughtful thinking on how you replied me and am  happy for that. That is always my intention to write a beautiful comment



        Peace ✌and Love ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks    for accepting and following my blog.

    I’m available to read your post at my convenient time.

    You have such an interesting topic I will love to read in
    your blog.

    I still remain  the simple blogger…..

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

    Liked by 2 people

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