Wait!! Before you Give up, Read these 5 Books

Books play a significant role in our life. They say that “When you open a book, you open a new world”. For the majority of people, books are part of their everyday life.  

Reading Books, especially good and inspirational books have a positive impact on one’s psyche as proven by several studies. A book is that silent best friend that offers hope when you need someone to instil the lost spark in you. It lets you live another life and also help you discover the hidden shades of your personality.


How a Book actually works on your Psyche

A good book is the one which has some value for the person, and it provides knowledge as well as touches the heart. Often we feel down and slumping, and we need something to get ourselves up. In that situation, these books work like magic in motivating us.

People who want to set new objectives in life or want to achieve more than their actual ability also need these books. The meaningful and sensitive inspirational book not only motivates you with words and quotes of wisdom, but it also makes you feel alive to face life’s daily challenges.

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The inspirational books are a key to building our character and make us what we are today. These are an extremely good source of gaining experience and learning the secrets in unlocking happiness of life.

“Once your mind stretches to a new level it never goes back to its original dimension” ― A P J Abdul Kalam

So,Not to bore you anymore, If you are the one looking out for a good inspiration book to ignite your spirit, here are few inspirational books that you might find worth reading.

Some of them are rare picks you find in internet suggestions, but extraordinary in their content.Go and order your favorite book with just a click on link provided to buy and enjoy reading. 

1) The Five Steps to Success – Yandamoori Veerendranath

To buy, click here  The Five Steps to Success – Yandamoori Veerendranath

Did you ever read the Maslow’s ‘Need Hierarchy’ which states that every man goes through a hierarchy of needs? Only when one level of need is fulfilled he becomes ripe to quench the thirst for the other level of need.

Similarly, the ‘The Five Steps to Success’ by Veerendranath talks about the 5 steps to success and motivates the readers to fight with the chaos in daily course of life. Originally published in Telugu, Yandamoori’s masterpiece emphasises upon victory at personal level as a basis for the rest to be built upon. It is because the power to achieve any milestones in life lies within us.


Inspiration Quotient: If we are determined to climb Mt. Everest, then no means of the avalanches can hold us in chasing our dreams. To become victorious in the outside world, the battle within the self has to be fought and won first.

2) You Can Win – Shiv Khera

To buy, click here  You Can Win – Shiv Khera

Do you have the desire to succeed & want to live life in a better manner than you currently are. Then this book will perfectly guide you towards a right living, right thinking which will further help you to build a strong balanced life.

It throws light on the importance of attitude, motivation & success & furthers the idea by providing steps one should adopt to build a positive attitude in life.

So long as you have your eyes on the goal, you don't see the obstacles

Inspiration Quotient: Belief in oneself is the core quality before winning the world. This book has down to earth, practical and pragmatic approaches, which would help you climb the tower of success. 

3) The God of Small Things – Arundhati Roy

To buy, click here  The God of Small Things – Arundhati Roy

They say that “Life is not a bed of roses” and even if it is, then remember that even roses have thorns.

 The novel is about two fraternal twins who reunite as young adults, after family tensions have kept them apart for many years. Will these tensions bog them down or make them stronger to evolve as a Lotus in the stale pond? The book pivots around tragedy and hope. The book also explores the full range of human emotion.


For those who need a big booster of inspiration, this work of Arundhati Roy is a must read as it will help you boost your self-morale, self-esteem and inspire you embark upon a new beginning. The book will make you realize that need for change and the futility to becoming rigid in life.

Inspiration Quotient: Change is inevitable and acceptance of it is another unavoidable fact. The better you learn , more early you become successful.

4) Tiya: A Parrot’s Journey Home -Samarpan

To buy, click here  Tiya: A Parrot’s Journey Home – Samarpan

How would you feel if you are asked to leave your home without any intimation and you have no other option but to leave without questioning? This is the core theme of Samarpan’s ‘Tiya: A Parrot’s Journey Home’.

Tiya, a parrot and many more similar birds face this challenge in their everyday life when they find it hard to leave their home i.e. tree. But what happens to them after that? Do they stop living or do they still linger on the hope to live a better life. This book opens up on the journey of a bird that experiences the numerous shades of life and teaches us a lot about living life on easy terms.


The experiences of Tiya are an eye opener for many of us because the bird questions the rationale behind our existence on earth. These questions may remain unanswered but if you introspect, you will get inspired by the voice of your soul.

An excerpt “Surely, if there is pain in life, there is healing too. If there is hopelessness, there is hope too. If there is ugliness, there is beauty too. The idea is to never give up on the gift called ‘life’.”

Inspiration Quotient: Listening to your own conscience is the best reward that you can give to yourself. Because we forget to live for ourselves while serving others and running after a hazy goal in life.

5) Because Life is a Gift – Disha

To buy, click here Because Life Is A Gift – Disha

Do you often crib about things happening in your life. Imagine if you know a man who was on bed for 28 years of his life, crippled with movement only in 1 hand, Paralyzed neck down,sees sun only once a month(when he visits hospital) , yet smiling and giving back to the society !!

The book gives the stories of 15 differently-abled people which will make you think otherwise & they will challenge your notion of the impossible. They will inspire you to live life to the fullest, because life is truly a gift.


Inspiration Quotient: Makes you realize that present moment is the best.Teaches to overcome cribbing about small things in life but how looking beyond our limitations can help us grow. 

I sincerely hope that the list of these 5 books will surely electrify the lost inspiration in you to chase your dreams and strengthen your belief in them.

Try reading atleast 1 out of these 5 books and I am sure you will suggest reading to another ten people. Unless you experience it yourself , all this seems as boasting.

Give these books a try , before you think of giving up. Afterall, a book is like a best friend who will never walk away from you.

“Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” 
― Mahatma Gandhi

Comment your favorite books that lifted you up & help our other blog readers to learn and grow 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Wait!! Before you Give up, Read these 5 Books

  1. Book are our best friends. ✌ We can learn a lot. However, some people thought that learning is limited to school and college only. 😮
    The books you have mentioned are really useful. 👍❤

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    1. Thank you for reading my blog and appreciating it ☺ Yes, Books are useful sometimes as a therapy too as they communicate with us in a lively fashion . And true , there are many excellent books from Indian authors which are not getting enough recognition. So it’s just a small effort of mine to bring them in light😊

      Thanks again for stopping by and reading my blog. I am really pleased 😇

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    1. Oh wow 😍 I’m so thankful for receiving 4th nomination for same award (Yes, 3rd nomination in my pocket already 😉). How can I reject something which is given to me with much love and belief on my blog 😊 I would surely post my answers soon.Thank you for visiting my blog ❤ Happy to know you more 🤗

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