Do we need stickers always ??

WHATSAPP entered just as a normal app in our lives and has now gradually became a part of our daily activities – for being in contact with loved ones, group travel plans,location sharing and ofcourse, strange though, invitations,wishes are also being replaced by a simple whatsapp message !! 

Well, we can’t say technology is wrong , but it’s all dependent on how people use it for !! Final Question is whether you are improving inter-personal communications or getting isolated using the modern apps. 

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Being active in social media websites doesn’t make you SOCIAL 🙂 

Recently while I was going through whatsapp messages in a group,I read a beautiful message which I thought must be shared to everyone here. Below is the verbatim.

A car in front of me was moving like a turtle and not giving me way in spite of my continuous honking.I was on the brink of losing my cool when I noticed the small sticker on the car’s rear.

“Physically challenged; please be patient.”

And that changed everything!! I immediately went calm & slowed down. In fact I got a little protective of the car & the driver!!! I reached work a few minutes late, but it was okay. And then it struck me. Would I have been patient if there was no sticker? Why do we need stickers to be patient with people!?

Would we be more patient & kind with others if people had labels pasted on their foreheads?

Labels like —

“Lost my job”
“Fighting cancer”
“Going through a bad divorce”
“Suffering Emotional abuse”
“Lost a loved one”
“Feeling worthless”
“Financially broken”….. And more like these…

Do we need sticker for the invisible ones?

Everyone is fighting a hard battle we know nothing about. The least we can do is be patient & kind! Let us respect the invisible labels!!

Isn’t it a amazing note? Isn’t reminding your past incidents of losing temper easily? 

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A person in peace brings happiness to surroundings as well. To know more, Read here via Looking for Peace..?Read this to calm yourself!!

Here’s is an excellent book explores the situations through epic history that define us as a person ,mirroring our own dilemmas in the modern world: Ramayana: The Game of Life – Adopt Patience Book 3

Please share, it’s a matter of awareness. Somewhere, someone may find this game changer and it may help them to empathize with people .


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37 thoughts on “Do we need stickers always ??

  1. The things you wrote are true . And enough for those who lost his/her temper In small cases( not serious).
    And yes off- course as we are using social media ,we countinuously loosing our confidence for talking face to face…
    Moreover , sometimes a good relationship ( of any kind ) can also spoil becoz of using social media beyond limits..
    And the things you talked about are really an important message to all of us.. we will learn something new from this .. thanks a lot 😊😊😊😃

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The thoughts you shared are indeed true. Controlling temper is a form of art one can learn like any other skill & has to apply that for lifetime.
      When it comes to social media, we can’t blame it all on social media for our own misuse, as technology is created to make human lives simple . I like the sentence “Beyond limits ..” ,yes, anything in more is harmful.

      Let’s try to use technology for turning our lives in good manner and that add up to our efficiency ,but not to pull us down. Thanks for reading 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. That youtuber is Ryan higa.. I have been his avid viewer since 2012. His contents are exceptionally creative comparing the quantity of cliche materials in youtube. Do check out his other videos too. I am happy you liked this

        Liked by 2 people

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