Random Thoughts #1

If only our eyes saw  ‘souls’

instead of  ‘bodies’

how different our ideals of Beauty would be !!


So different to an extent that words like Racism – Discrimination – Prejudice won’t exist in dictionaries.

what do you think ?

Beauty Of The Soul by Gopal Krishna Goswami (Author)



38 thoughts on “Random Thoughts #1

    1. Lol !! I genuinely not aware of that but WAIT.. we can create a wonderful impact combinedly with same Gig, let’s do a collab soon 😀 FAIR enough??

      One’s writing style can’t be replaced by another ,you write beautifully too. Thanks for appreciation 🙂

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  1. Hi Thoughtsmaku1007.. First of all i am impressed
    by Your Innovative Use of Links to Three Books
    Providing Deeper Avenues in the Aphorism
    You Create on How Great the World Will
    Be if we See More of Souls than the
    Outer Clothes of Flesh and Blood
    And Yes Literally Clothes
    of Culture that
    How Beautiful Yes
    it Will Be if Age and Gender
    And National Origin and Sexual
    Orientations Colors of Religious Skin and Body
    Types and Disabilities and all the Differences now
    As Labels we See of Even All of Reality Melt Away
    into one Soul of All An Ocean Whole We are Part of
    As Friend Ships Holding Hands upon A Sea of Never Ending
    Always Evolving Souls Together Waves Gently Falling and Rising
    but Eventually
    And as the Truth
    is Always the Ocean
    Whole of Unity More than Separation…
    Smiles.. the Answer is so so Obvious StART
    A Blog and Soul Dancing Will Come to Be our Realities
    Next in a Place With No Sun or Moon Where the Weather
    is Always Perfect as Long as all is Dance and Song of Love
    At Core
    oF aLL
    We Do
    to Lift
    Each other
    Up Unconditionally
    To Love Pure in Light even more..
    But Yet We are Flesh and Blood Yet Our Souls
    Are Real as Flesh and Blood too a Muscle at Core
    that Must
    Be Exercised
    More not to Atrophy
    to the Eons the Centuries the
    Years the Months the Days the Hours the
    Minutes the Seconds the Second that Lasts Forever
    NoW as the BLacK WHoLE Abyss NiGHT of the SoUL..
    out of that
    Place Soul is all
    That Feels and Senses
    of Love So Pure As Light..
    As Yoda From Star Wars Said
    Feel and Sense all of Reality as
    the Pure Force of thE Light as Love
    We are Never Crude Matter Now When
    We Dance and Sing Love Free Namaste
    my FriEnd God Speed God Love to You
    And Thank You so Much For This Inspiring Aphorism in Heaven..:)

    SMiLes my Friend in ‘Real Life’ Away
    From this Avatar Life in Heaven Most
    Folks See me as A Big Law Enforcement/
    Military Looking Dude Wearing Crazy Colorful Shirts 64 Months
    Dancing 10,511 Miles in Public Everywhere i Go and From What i learned
    in College 36 Years Ago Through 3 Degrees and Behavioral Psychology
    is that like a “Pavlov Dog” i have Conditioned Almost Every Human Being in a
    Metro Area of Several Hundred Thousand People to Smile as soon as i walk into their Space…
    My Challenge
    for everyone
    is How
    Will You Enjoy
    the Sacrifice of Living Love
    to Bring Smiles to other Folks now…
    Most of them Have no idea i even talk..
    But Hey in ‘Boot Camp’ (Hell) That Never Ends Now
    You Do What Works Best For Love to Come Back And
    Continue to Survive And Shine in SMiLes… i Feel Comfortable
    Writing a Blog Response This Long Here Considering You have
    The Attention Span
    to Read
    at least
    3 Books hehe..;)

    Thank You Again When i first
    Met You Here i saw a Young
    Indian Woman Now i See A Much Older Soul…
    India is a Great Place For the Oldest of Youngest Souls..:)

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    1. It brought me smile when you said you actually observed the links used ,which i kept for my primary purpose to cut the post short with meaningful statement for each word. Glad you understood it right 🙂

      Keeping apart my attention span for reading for a while 😉 , I must really appreciate you for typing long messages so patiently 😀 cheers !!

      Lastly Thank you for your kind words frederick on India and me!! It means a lot.

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