Random Thoughts #2

Love is a beautiful emotion to which not just human but any living being can respond to &  has a magical power to change anyone in this world.

But how love is supposed to be …

Love is not just finding someone to be with forever but finding someone you can’t live without !!


Love is what makes one a better person to NOT give up and gives confidence to live life with the sweet memories of past, ‘even in the partner’s absence’ !!


I see there’s world of difference between the two as former says not to bare separation and latter says about sacrifice and moving on in life.

Do you as well noticed contradiction in these 2 statements? What do you feel is true?

Romantic Love Scrapbook Album





22 thoughts on “Random Thoughts #2

  1. SMiLes.. True Love Gives And Shares in Wisdom Eyes of Fearless Courage
    In Kindness Never
    Taking and

    On the other ‘my space’ the Neo-Cortex as Science
    Shows is Ruled By our
    Limbic System which
    Means not unlike Kali
    Our Neurochemicals
    And Neurohormones
    Stick their tongue
    Out at us in terms
    Of Love is
    Chaos so the
    Feather Loves the Wind
    As We Do our Best to
    Rationalize Love and
    Life in General.. i for
    One Observe the
    River and
    Become the
    Water enjoying
    The Benefits of the
    All seeing eye of Horus
    And the Magic of
    When kAli
    Tongue out
    At Me as Life is
    Reason and Magic Too..

    Thanks for the Question
    thoughtsmakeu1007 And
    Speaking of that hehe that
    Is an illusion for without
    Feelings we are
    And Living Hell..
    And that’s why i
    Love kAli
    Horus With
    SMiLes.. For
    i Truly Live..:)

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